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Migguel Anggelo and The Immmigrants - Biography & New CD "La Casa Azul' 2015 By: Michaela Cotoia

“I’ve always been obsessed with music. My father, a chef, was constantly singing and listening to music while tending to his own craft in the kitchen, while my mother, a ballet dancer, always danced around the house to Spanish boleros or classical music.”

For someone whose early life was filled with such a range of artistic influences, it makes sense that Migguel Anggelo did not limit himself to one of the many talents that came naturally to him: acting, dancing, singing, writing, and painting among them. Instead, he chose to do them all.

He writes poetry and lyrics that walk a fine line between confession and invitation. He performs live shows with elaborate orchestration and staging that feels like a rock show one moment and an operatic dream the next. He dances with the ease of a child whose parents never told him to sit still. He creates sculptural portraits of people-historic and contemporary-in the form of chairs made from all kinds of unlikely materials, from matches to yarn. He paints images using simple and innocent gestures, leaving one to wonder what the true story is. Migguel is a storyteller, and a masterful one at that.

Born in Venezuela, Migguel first fell in love with the theater as a child playing Pinocchio in a touring production of the show.  It was during his time as this character, who battles with fact and fiction, that he learned the integral role of fantasy in storytelling, and began to realize real and imagined characters could illustrate the many facets of his own experience. As a Latin American theater star, Migguel perfected his commanding stage presence and electric performances.  

Anggelo studied opera at the Conservatory of Music in Cologne, Germany (receiving an invitation to attend after being discovered busking on the street) and trained for a dozen years in classical ballet, falling in love with the drama and discipline of opera and the explosive whimsy of pop. He counts Luciano Pavarotti and Freddy Mercury as two of his greatest influences and, with his multi‐octave voice, pays homage to them by jumping easily from operatic aria to rock anthem.

Migguel has performed on many of the world's greatest stages, including Teatro Teresa Carreño in Caracas, Venezuela; Teatro Insurgentes in Mexico City; Teatro Jorge Eliezer Gaytan in Bogota, Colombia; Teatro Gran Rex in Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Burgen Zentrum Theater in Cologne, Germany, and has sold out performances and world class venue Joe's Pub in Manhattan (in May, September, and December), at BAMcafé in Brooklyn, and the New World Center in Miami.

Fresh off his latest tour with Nuevo Tango group, The Oblivion Project (a group dedicated to performing the music of tango master Astor Piazzolla), Anggelo has been exposing new audiences to his delicate, yet incredibly powerful vocal abilities. Invited by the group to bring his talent and shared admiration for Piazzolla's art as their lead vocalist, Anggelo and the Oblivion Project performed a series of exclusive concerts held throughout the Midwest.  

His latest album La Casa Azul, released earlier this year, is a collection of twelve songs (co‐written and produced by music director, Mau Quiros, and mixed by Grammy Award‐winner Felipe Tichauer) and is dedicated to Mexican painter and Latin icon, Frida Kahlo. Named after her house in Mexico City, known as the Blue House, La Casa Azul explores topics ranging from the artists' life to commentary on the hypocrisy of the worlds' dictators and an immigrant's dream. Lyrically filled with metaphors and references to art, culture and poetry, the album really reflects the depth of thought he has invested in his craft.  

Following 6 previously sold out shows, Anggelo returns to Joe's Pub on December 1st to perform his newest show, Another Son of Venezuela. Together with Obie Award‐winning director, David Drake, Migguel presents this new musical narrative exploring the themes of love, loss, family, and national pride as well as the challenges of claiming an authentic identity in the "land of the free".  The performance will consist of a mixture of original compositions as well as interpretations of Latin, folk, pop, and opera works.  

Anggelo's evolving body of work reminds us that the way a story is told is as important as the actual story itself. Summoning all of his gifts-song, poetry, drawing, physical gesture-Migguel Anggelo creates theatrical metaphors that blur the boundaries between performance art and popular music. For Anggelo, this is just the beginning.

New CD 2015  " LA CASA AZUL "


La Casa Azul, was co-written and produced by his music director, Mau Quiros, and mixed by Grammy Award-winning engineer Felipe Tichauer. This collection of twelve songs explores topics ranging from the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo to commentary on the hypocrisy of the world's dictators. Lyrically filled with metaphors and references to art, culture and poetry, the album really reflects the depth of thought he has invested in his craft.

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  2. The new CD titled " LA CASA AZUL " 2015 is out all-over & online
  3. To Buy his latest CD : http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/migguelanggelo3
  4. To follow his music, Bookings, Contact & Info : http://www.migguelanggelo.com/
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